Jonesborough Presbyterian church was originally founded in 1790 as Hebron Presbyterian Church located just outside of present-day Jonesborough.  In 1816 the Hebron congregation relocated to within the Town of Jonesborough and built the first church in Jonesborough.   The current building was built in 1845, renovated and rededicated in 1943-1944, and added to in 1952.   Extensive renovations to the lower floor of the original building (the Fellowship Hall) were made in 2004 after a flood and to the second floor (the sanctuary) in 2007.

The links below will direct you to other sites with more detailed historical information.   As part of Tennessee's oldest town, we have a long and fascinating heritage.

This ancestry.com link has a brief overview from the founding in 1790 until the re-uniting of the Jonesborough Presbyterian churches in 1943.

The Tennessee Geneology and History Project site tngenweb.org has this page dedicated to the Presbyterian churches of Washington County, Tennessee.  Jonesborough church is the third one down on the page.

In 1887 the Goodspeed Publishing Company published detailed histories of each of the Tennessee counties up until that time.   This page contains Goodspeed's history of Jonesborough church from 1790 to 1887.

In 1972 Paul Fink, noted Jonesborough historian, published his history Jonesborough.   Google Books has these excerpts containing detailed information about Jonesborough Presbyterian Church.   There are 17 pages with references.