Sunday School

We offer Sunday School classes for all age groups and with a variety of styles and study materials.

All Sunday School classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday morning.

Ask any member for directions to the class you're interested in!

Classes for Children and Youth

Pre-School Class

Elementary Class

    Teacher:    Marianne Huff

    For all students K-5, this class uses the We Believe     curriculum.

Youth (Middle / High School Class)

Teacher:   Bear Anderson, Youth Director

Adult Sunday School Classes

Granny Broyles class

    Teacher:  Mary Lee Miller
    All ages.

This class follows a uniform lesson series called The Present Word.    It is published jointly by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, The Moravian  Church in America, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and the United Church of Christ.

A. Z. Howard class:

    Teachers:  Glenn Walker, Jim Pahris, and Bob Scheu
    All ages.

This class has been described as the E & E class (education and entertainment) by our Interim Pastor.  We make it a point to be not only educated but also entertained.  The class has studied the history of Christianity and the  Reformation and complete books of the Bible  chapter by chapter.  We do not use study guides, but rely on commentaries to open our hearts and minds to the truths contained therein.  If this seems very serious, be assured that the class keeps the discussion in a light hearted vein as we learn together and grow together through the interchange of ideas.  Participation by the members of the class is encouraged and vital. 

The Balcony class:

   Teachers: Bill Reese and Rev. Allen Huff

This class meets, naturally, in the classroom behind the sanctuary balcony.  This is the highest point in the church - it takes a certain amount of cardiovascular fitness to ascend to that level!  Allen brings a scripture reading each week and we discuss it using a method called "lectio divina" (you should come and see what that means). Our discussions tend to be very lively, at times very funny and at times very moving.