About Us

Since 1790 Jonesborough Presbyterian Church has been a spiritual home and a spiritual family for generations of Jonesborough area citizens. It is a place to worship God in preaching and music, a place to learn and grow spiritually, and a place to do God's work together in service to others. Here we show God's love to each other and do God's work in the community and the larger world.

We're a small-town church that is a member of Holston Presbytery and also part of the larger, universal Church.  Here you find the gentle wisdom of old age and the enthusiasm of youth. You see not only old-timers who have been here forever but also newcomers who are finding a church home and making new friends. Our family includes all kinds of people, from all walks of life, with different talents and gifts; and they are using those talents and gifts in service to others.

This is a place where relationships are built: relationship to God through worship, service and study; and friendships with each other. These are deep friendships, formed over the years, forged from sharing God's work together. It's the people that you sing in the choir with, serve on committees with, do mission work with, work in the kitchen with, share Family Lunches with, go to Sunday school with, and serve in circles with. It's the friends that you help out in time of need and that are there for you in your time of need.

We're proud of our heritage, but also looking to the future. We are a family with a long history, deeply rooted in the history of Tennessee's oldest town. We invite you to join us!