Hello everyone!

Current Announcements:

JAMA - For February, 2024, JAMA Food Pantry Item of the Month is Brownie or Cake Mix. Your continued support of those in our community who are food insecure is greatly appreciated!

Flowers for 2024
If you wish to provide flowers for any Sunday, you may sign up on the sheet posted in the lower-level Narthex.   If you can not get by the church you may email and ask if a date is available and/or call the church office at 423-753-6162.

Pertinent Information about JPC:

Worship Options: JPC does have a variety of worship options at the moment. We do have In-Person Services on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM, along with having the Nursery open and available during service with Nursery Workers in attendance. Our Sunday School classes are in session as well at 9:45 AM. For those who wish to have an alternative option, JPC also provides the opportunity to worship on Sundays with Facebook LiveStream.  The link to the LiveStream is found on our welcome page.

We hold community the first Sunday of the month, along with other notable times of the year. We currently have a modified intinction cummunion service. The congregation will go to the front of either of the two sides and be handed a piece of GF bread from a gloved communion steward & then they may select their own juice cup from the tray that is presented prior to returning to their seats. Those who cannot come to the front will be served in their seats.
For those who worship at home via Facebook, we invite you to participate as well by having your communion elements with you on those Sundays.

Tithes & Offerings: We are now having an offertory during worship service again. If you are attending via Facebook LiveStream or are unable to make it to the church, please feel free to continue mailing your tithes and offerings to the church.

Fellowship Hall:
The FH is open to in-person meetings and gatherings for JPC groups and ministries. Please contact the office for any scheduling. A schedule will be placed on the website under the "Weekly Schedule" tab noting the meetings scheduled for the upcoming week as well as a link to a calendar for the month.

Questions?: For those who have any other questions that may be answered by one of our ministry teams or ruling elders, here is a list that may be of some help:

                      Ministry Teams & Ruling Elders Leadership

Mike Floyd
Christian Education: Mark McCalman
Congregational Life & Membership: Phyllis Cash
Missions: Karen Childress
Property & Safety: Doug Hillmuth
Stewardship & Finance: Andy Andrews
Worship: Pat Hurley
Clerk of Session: Bill Reese

                          Important Notices and Reminders!!!
  • The wearing of masks for all church activities is now "optional".
    • Those who are particularly vulnerable and those who have household and/or social contact with high-risk persons should still consider masking.