Hello everyone!

Current Announcements:

JAMA food pantry item of the month for March is canned fruit.

Sanctuary Flowers - There are still a few Sundays left to sign-up for in 2023. The sheet is hanging on the bulletin board outside of the Fellowship Hall, or you may contact the office. Available Sundays:
April 16        June 11        August 6        August 13
August 27    October 1    October 8        November 12
November 19

Lenten Meditation Series - Mark your calendars for "Meditations on Love", the meditation circle being led by Rev. Lee Clements, Becky Keeler, and Mark McCalman to be held each Sunday evening in the Fellowship Hall from 5:30-6 PM during Lent (Feb 26 - Apr 2). These services will complement the current book study on "The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian" by Brian McLaren. Themes for the meditations will focus on The Greatest Commandments: love for God, self, and neighbor. We invite you for prayers, scripture, singing, and silence that open our hearts to Jesus' teachings and examples of love in action.

Youth Lenten Study - Jane will have a youth program running the same time as the adult Lenten study. This integrational Lenten study will have the children & youth joining the adults at the beginning and ending parts of their prayer time, but they will have their own program during the middle portion. The children & youth will not meet during Spring Break (March 12 & 19), but will plan to have a soup and bread dinner all together after the last session on April 2nd to close the series and look forward to Easter.

Pertinent Information about JPC:

Worship Options: JPC does have a variety of worship options at the moment. We do have In-Person Services on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM, along with having the Nursery open and available during service with Nursery Workers in attendance. Our Sunday School classes are in session as well at 10:00 AM. For those who wish to have an alternative option, JPC also provides the opportunity to worship on Sundays either with Facebook LiveStream or Drive-In Worship in the parking lot.

We hold community the first Sunday of the month, along with other notable times of the year. We currently have a modified intinction cummunion service. The congregation will go to the front of either of the two sides and be handed a piece of GF bread from a gloved communion steward & then they may select their own juice cup from the tray that is presented prior to returning to their seats. Those who cannot come to the front will be served in their seats.
For those who worship at home via Facebook, we invite you to participate as well by having your communion elements with you on those Sundays.

Tithes & Offerings: We are now having an offertory during worship service again. If you are attending via Facebook LiveStream or are unable to make it to the church, please feel free to continue mailing your tithes and offerings to the church.

Fellowship Hall:
The FH is open to in-person meetings and gatherings for JPC groups and ministries. Please contact Kelli in the office for any scheduling. A schedule will be placed on the website under the "Weekly Schedule" tab noting the meetings scheduled for the upcoming week as well as a link to a calendar for the month.

Church Directory Update: Kelli is working on updating a new church directory. This will be distributed when completed to all members of the congregation.

Just a reminder that the directory is no longer available online.

Questions?: For those who have any other questions that may be answered by one of our ministry teams or ruling elders, here is a list that may be of some help:

                      Ministry Teams & Ruling Elders Leadership

Gary Burkett
Christian Education: Mark McCalman
Congregational Life & Membership: Phyllis Cash
Missions: Karen Childress
Property & Safety: Doug Hillmuth
Stewardship & Finance: Andy Andrews
Worship: Eva Garst & Ruth Verhegge
Clerk of Session: Bill Reese

                          Important Notices and Reminders!!!
  • The wearing of masks for all church activities is now "optional".
    • Those who are particularly vulnerable and those who have household and/or social contact with high-risk persons should still consider masking.
    • The ERT and Session will continue to monitor the situation in our area. A return to a "high risk" designation is always a possibility. Should the session deem it prudent, it will consider a return to the previous protocols.
***Newest Update from CDC July 26, 2022***
The CDC currently designates Washington County in the "High" COVID-19 Community Level.
            At the current time, ERT is not recommending any changes to current protocols; however, ERT is strongly encouraging people who remain in a vulnerable population to wear a well-fitting mask in church.
            The only current change is to visiting the office. Please be aware of a new sign on the office door. If you are visiting the office, please remain in the doorway or wear a mask upon entering.
                                            Thank you!

The website for the CDC's community level designations is: