Congregational Life

This ministry provides for and coordinates programs for fellowship and mutual support of members of the congregation. The ministry also provides for outreach to potential new members, welcomes new members into the church community, and provides ongoing care for existing members.

Family Lunch – We are happy to announce that Family Luncheons will take place again! Beginning the 2nd Sunday in March following worship service, the family luncheons will take place every other month.

Pick-up and Delivery – This group will pick up members who need a ride to or from church or for other important appointments.  If you have a need, please call the office and find out the names of people that you might contact.

New Members – We host get-togethers for new members joining our church.  Our intent is to welcome these individuals and help them connect with committees they might be interested in joining.  We also like to introduce ourselves and be available for any questions that may arise about our church or denomination.

CL&M Outings - We are happy to say that outings will begin April 30th. A game night is currently planned for 4pm-6pm.