Congregational Life

This ministry meets the needs of our congregation for fellowship, assistance, and new member development:

Family Lunch – This is usually held the 2nd Sunday of the month, immediately following church service.  There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board and we invite you to sign up, work with a team and become a part of our fun, food and fellowship.

Sharing our Sorrow – We have two separate committees that alternate the preparation of food for families during their time of loss.

Pick-up and Delivery – This group will pick up members who need a ride to or from church or for other important appointments.  If you have a need, please call the office and find out the names of people that you might contact.

New Members – We host get-togethers for new members joining our church.  Out intent is to make them welcome and help them connect with committees they would be interested in joining.  We also like to introduce ourselves and be available for any questions that you may have about our church or denomination.